Yola Silver is a quality website builder to give your business a professional online presence. You can create, manage and host simple and complex websites to meet the needs of your company. This website creator offers a host of widgets to add any features you want to accommodate visitors to your website. These widgets include social media apps, maps and eCommerce tools, among others.

One of the best things about this site builder is that it offers integration with social media websites, such as Flickr and YouTube. This integration isn't unique to Yola, but it makes it easy to do for new site builders. With the social media connection, you can show off your site with photo galleries, animation and videos.

Yola has been around for a long time but still competes well among the better-known services. With this service, you can build a website that represents your business well. It has a great balance of design and multimedia features, but the experience is hurt by the responsiveness problems found while using the dashboard. Another setback to this service is that you cannot create several administrator roles for other editors.

Storage is limited to 5GB, less than many other services, but it should still be plenty for most small businesses. As part of the plan, you get a free domain with the yearly subscription. The benefit of Yola over any other service is that you can manage 25 sites under one plan, with the possibility of unlimited pages and subdomains. This is more than most other companies offer.

This site builder offers technical support via email, along with a comprehensive online help center with informative tutorials and a comprehensive search function. You can type in a specific question and a queue will populate with all the relevant search results obtained from various resources within the help center. You can access both the help center and community forums directly from the software's user interface. Yola also offers an online FAQs section.

Yola Silver Summary:

Yola Silver provides a clean interface, efficient imaging tools and ample template categories. It's a great website maker for anyone who is apprehensive about building a website for his or her business. It lacks the feature to add multiple admins and offers only 5GB of storage, but it has sufficient tools and features to make up for deficiencies. This application is easy to use and helps you to make refined and professional websites that your customers enjoy visiting.


Yola Silver

You can manage up to 25 different websites under the Silver plan.

There is less storage available, 5 GB, than with many other services.

The Verdict:

This website builder works well and is great for anyone who needs to create, manage and host a website to conduct online promotion, business, sales and more.